We Are Teamwork Strong

We Are Teamwork Strong

Hi my name is Pat Salem. I am a principal here at IAG Forensics & Valuation.

When working with IAG, you may only interact with one or two people but what you may not realize is we have a whole team of professionals working behind the scenes on your case.

Most cases typically start with document production. We can receive documents from numerous sources some of which are well organized, others not so much. We have a document processing team that receives and organizes these documents and then uploads them to our document management system so that the people working on your case can easily find the documents and data they are looking for.

We also have a team of bookkeepers that work on cases that involve funds tracing, spending analysis and other types of financial analysis that requires compilation of data. This team typically takes data from bank statements, credit card statements, investment statements and other types of financial documents and compiles and consolidates this information for further analysis by other members of the IAG team.

We also have individuals that manage your project. This is a group that you will have the most interaction with. This group includes project managers, principals and partners. Their role is to analyze your data and documents, summarize findings and sometimes express expert opinions.

We may eventually provide our findings or expert opinions in the form of schedules or reports and if asked we are available to present these opinions in deposition mediation arbitration or at trial. IAG’s practice is to use the most qualified least expensive resource to perform each step in the process. Our ultimate goal is to deliver superior service at fair rates adding value to every case.

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Pat Salem

Pat Salem is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) with over eight years’ experience as a forensic accountant. She served as a software developer for more than 20 years prior to joining IAG.

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