Save the date! – Dan Branch co-chairing the 2015 Financial Topics in Family Law Seminar on 1/27/15

“I am excited to be the co-chair for this year’s seminar. It has been great working with the legal chairs (Hannibal Heredia and Ashley Sawyer) and we’ve put together a great curriculum for both the accounting and legal professionals. Come learn or brush up on the basics or learn more advanced topics. Either way, it will be a great opportunity to learn and network.”

The 2015 Financial Topics in Family Law Seminar is scheduled for January 27, 2015. It will be held at the Atlanta Bar Association’s office in downtown Atlanta. The agenda is included below. More information and a link to register will be provided in the coming weeks. Save the date!

Financial Topics in Family Law

8:30 am – Registration

9:00 am – Introduction and Welcome

Dan Branch, ASA IAG Forensics & Valuation

Hannibal Heredia, Esq. and J. Ashley Sawyer, Esq., Hedgepeth, Heredia, Crumrine & Morrison
9:10 am – Fundamental Financial Concepts in Family Law

Whitney Mauk, Esq., Whitney D Mauk, P.C.

Will Geer, CPA, Callaway Geer

An overview of the basic financial concepts in family law matters that every lawyer and financial expert should know including creating a marital balance sheet, reviewing tax returns and records, identifying different forms of income, alimony issues, child support and modification calculations, and deciding when a case needs a financial expert.

10:00 am – Basics of Executive Retirement and Benefits

Kelly Reese, Esq., Stern & Edlin, P.C.

Laurie Dyke, CPA, IAG Forensics & Valuation

How to identify, value and divide retirement and benefits in cases involving high-level executives. Topics to include stock options, restricted stock, deferred compensation, and qualified and non-qualified plans.

10:50 am – Break

11:00 am – Mock Direct and Cross of a Financial Expert Witness

Ted Eittreim, Esq., Mayoue Gray Eittreim, P.C.

Lyn Reagan, CPA, Bennett Thrasher
A mock direct and cross examination of a financial expert with explanations of effective tips and tricks for both attorneys and expert witnesses.

12:15 pm – Lunch

1:15 pm – Advanced Tracing and Separate Property Issues

Pilar Prinz, Esq., Lawler Green Prinz & Gleklen LLC

Sherri Holder, CPA, The Holder Group

Methods for satisfying your tracing burden and proving or bolstering your separate property claim.

2:00 pm – Advanced Issues in Business Valuations

Sarah McCormack, Esq., Hoelting & McCormack LLC

Debbie Gibbon, CPA, Gibbon Financial Consulting, LLC

Discussion of the valuation of business interests in divorce cases including relevant valuation standards, factors influencing the applicability and size of discounts, how to equitably divide the business, and issues related to the potential sale of a business interest.

3:00 pm – Break

3:10 pm – Frequently Missed Tax Opportunities and Drafting Techniques

Adam Gleklen, Esq., Lawler Green Prinz & Gleklen LLC

Beth Garrett, CPA, Frazier & Deeter

Tips and techniques regarding drafting tax language in family law matters including filing status and credits, rules on alimony and child support, deductions, innocent spouse relief, apportionment of tax liability, and attorney’s fees.

4:00 pm – Judges Panel – Use of Financial Experts in Family Law Cases

Moderator: Dan Bloom, Esq., Richardson Bloom & Lines, LLC

Judges: Honorable Robert D. Leonard, Cobb County Superior Court

Honorable Gregory A. Adams, DeKalb County Superior Court

Additional judges are being added. Superior Court Judges will answer questions and give advice about using financial experts in family law cases.

5:00 Happy Hour for speakers, judges and attendees at The Glenn Hotel
Drink ticket included with registration

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