IAG’s Team Concept Brings Value To Every Case

Our goal is to add VALUE to every case. What that means to us is that we must bring talents and skills that others involved in the case do not have, use those talents and skills to move the case forward, and work efficiently and cost-effectively.  We have assembled a team of folks at IAG with that goal in mind, true professionals who always put the client first.DSC_6652without glasses copy

We recognize that every time an attorney brings us onto his or her team, they are putting their professional reputation and relationship with their client on the line and we take that very seriously. We strive for perfection.  We are not perfect but we try to be and when we fall short, we will do everything in our power to fix it.

One thing we will not compromise is our integrity. We sell our time and expertise but our opinion is not for sale and we have had to walk away from a few engagements where our clients expected us to be “hired guns” instead of independent experts.  We believe that bad news does not get better with age and we always tell our clients the truth as we see it, not necessarily what they want to hear.  No need to pay us for something they can get for free from friends, neighbors, & family.

IAG’s billing rates and policies reflect our client service philosophy. We try to set our billing rates competitively, so that we are adequately compensated for our expertise but not excessively so. Our average blended billing rates are approximately $150 per hour!  We always use the least expensive qualified person to do the work, under the direction of the engagement partner.  We only charge for work that is substantive (approximately 15 minutes or more) so that our clients will feel free to call or email us with short questions and not worry about “being on the meter.”  We have a dual attendance policy and do not charge for staff that we choose to bring to client meetings for client service purposes but who are not essential to the discussion.  The managers and partners review every invoice and write off or discount time that is not productive.

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