GA child support calculator – most common error

The most common error we continue to see in the use of the Georgia Child Support Electronic Calculator is on Schedule E, Lines 2 – 10, “Other Deviations.”  This section includes deviations for high income, dental and vision insurance, visitation related travel expenses, etc.  The tendency is to want to put the amount of the cost of the item in the column of the parent who is paying the cost.  This  is consistent with date input in other areas of the worksheet but it is wrong for these particular lines. 

When putting information into Lines 2 – 10 of Schedule E, always enter the amount of the deviation in the non-custodial parent’s column.

Assume Mom is the custodial parent and is paying $50 per month for dental and vision insurance for the children.  She wants an upward deviation in child support for $25 so that Dad will essentially pay for 1/2 of the cost.  Put a positive $25 on line 3 of Schedule E in Dad’s column if you are using the Standard version of the Calculator.  (If you are using the Data Entry version, put a positive $25 in Dad’s column on Line 50B of the Data Entry sheet.)

Conversely, if Dad is paying the $50 for dental and vision insurance for the children and wants Mom to pay 1/2, he should put a negative $25 in his column on Line 3 of Schedule E or Line 50B of the Date Entry sheet.

The RULE is:

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