Fraud Investigations

Fraud Investigations

Fraud Investigations often require processing large amounts of complex financial information

Hi my name is Tamara Harrell. I’m a documents manager here at IAG Forensics & Valuation.

I have been managing and processing documents for our divorce team. Fraud investigations are one of our six main practice areas which also include corporate internal investigations, government investigations, white-collar crime, bank mortgage matters and securities fraud, fraud examinations, internal investigations and white-collar.

Criminal matters often require interviewing numerous witnesses and analyzing and presenting large quantities of complex financial information in a simplified manner all within rigid time constraints. IAG takes a lead role in these types of assignments. Our extensive experience allows us to understand the complexities of financial issues the way attorneys understand the nuances of the law.

We may be retained by plaintiff’s prosecutors or defendants in civil or criminal matters or by corporate Boards of directors, in-house counsel or outside legal advisors.

Here at IAG we strive to deliver superior service, adding value to every case.


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