Divorced and Delighted!

Thanks to Nancy Ingram Jordan, attorney at Brock Clay for the following post!

This month’s edition of the “Marie Claire” magazine features an article entitled “Divorced and Delighted.” This article highlights several ways to celebrate your wedded “un-union.” For example, featured in the article were department stores that offer “divorce registries” to help recent divorcees furnish their newly empty homes. Do you know that in Tokyo divorce ceremonies are held in which a newly divorced single smashes his/her wedding ring in the presence of friends and family? Divorce fireworks can be found flying in the sky in England exclaiming, “Free at last” and “Just divorced.” And just further north of us in NYC, you can find support groups offering networking events for newly divorced women as they drink cocktails such as the every-tasty “Alimony” and “Settlement.”

While some of these ideas may seem outlandish, divorce is often a rebirth for many individuals bringing about new and positive changes. Choosing an attorney well connected to a network of experienced professionals such as financial planners, mediators, forensic accountants and therapists can help the divorce process become less dreadful and more…let’s not kid ourselves, divorce is rarely delightful; however the end result can be. Choose an experienced attorney whose goal is to minimize the negative aspects of your divorce and lead you to a delightful new beginning.

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