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Happy Thanksgiving

Unity, gratitude, and camaraderie filled our firm as we enjoyed a delightful Thanksgiving luncheon together, celebrating the bonds ...

IAG celebrates 20th anniversary

IAG celebrated our 20th anniversary in February 2023! We have a passion for helping the attorneys we serve ...

IAG Voted Winner Of Daily Report’s “Best Of”

We are extremely honored that IAG Forensics & Valuation has been voted Winner in the Fulton County Daily ...
Lunch & Learn Program

Lunch and Learn With IAG

Our professionals are available to help attorneys understand various financial topics that they may face in litigation. We have found that this is particularly helpful for younger, newer attorneys who are just starting out in their field and may not yet have faced certain complex issues.  Typically, we make these presentations over the lunch hour, bring…

Asset Tracing In Divorce

There are a few reasons parties may need asset tracing during their divorce.  One reason is to assist parties substantiate separate property claims for any assets that were held prior to marriage, inherited or gifted.  Another is to search for undisclosed assets. Typically, we use information provided in discovery to try to identify and quantify…
Analyzing Retirement Assets

Considerations When Analyzing Retirement Assets

Not all retirement assets are created equal!  Laurie Dyke discusses key differences in analyzing and valuing Qualified accounts such as 401(k) plans, Individual Retirement Accounts, and pensions.  
Divorce in Different States

Divorce In Different States

IAG Forensics & Valuation has a national practice working with attorneys in litigation. In this installment of Behind The Numbers Laurie Dyke,  IAG Forensics & Valuation’s Founding Partner, shares her experience in analyzing financial assets in different states.  
Income & Spending Analysis in Divorce

Income & Spending Analysis in Divorce

Laurie Dyke, Founding Partner with IAG Forensics & Valuation shares their methods and processes when perform an Income & Spending Analysis in Divorce situations.
Equity Compensation

Equity Compensation

Laurie Dyke, Founding Partner with IAG Forensics & Valuation shares a few key points regarding Equity Compensation.
Finding Hidden Assets

Finding Hidden Assets – Behind The Numbers

IAG Founding Partner Laurie Dyke discusses Finding Hidden Assets during a forensic investigation. Hello I’m Laurie Dyke the founding partner of IAG Forensics & Valuation, which is a CPA firm that specializes in forensic accounting fraud investigation and business valuations. Welcome to today’s segment of behind the numbers. Today I’m going to talk about finding…
Asset Tracing In Divorce

Asset Tracing In Divorce

Brandi Steinberg with IAG Forensics & Valuation shares information regarding Asset Tracing in Divorce Situations. Hi everyone my name is Brandi Steinberg with Investigative Accounting Group and I’m here with another episode of the truth behind the numbers. Today I would like to speak with you about asset tracing as it relates to helping parties…

Dividing Assets in a Divorce – Coverture Fraction

The Coverture Fraction (also called the Time Rule Formula) is a mathematical formula that is sometimes used to calculate the marital and non-marital portions of certain types of assets in a divorce, including pensions and stock options.  The denominator of the fraction is the total earnings period, often expressed in number of days.  In the…

Tax Hot Tip — Alimony Tax Treatment

As a reminder, the tax treatment of alimony has changed beginning in 2019.   If you or your clients pay or receive alimony under the old tax laws (i.e., the divorce agreement was entered into before midnight of 12/31/2018)*: The payer will continue to deduct alimony amounts paid. The receiver will continue to pay tax…

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