DeKalb County School Teachers and Employees Reach $117 Million Settlement with DeKalb County School District

In September 2020, DeKalb County school teachers and other employees reached a settlement with the DeKalb County School District (“District”) over unpaid retirement contributions and lost investment earnings.  The dispute began as a result of a 2009 decision by the District to stop making contractual contributions to certain teachers’ and district employees’ retirement plans.  Attorneys from the Barnes Law Group (“Barnes Law”) and Bondurant Mixson & Elmore (“BME”) worked on behalf of a class of educators and school employees for a decade advocating for the class’s rights.

IAG was asked to assist the legal team in determining which employees were affected by the District’s actions (those already participating in the retirement plan and those who became eligible) and to calculate lost contributions and resulting lost investment income for each of these class members.  Karen Fortune and Pat Salem served as the experts in the matter.

In mid-2020, Barnes Law and BME reached a $117 million settlement with the District on behalf of the class.  The court signed off on this settlement in late 2020.  For more details, click here:

The first round of payments to the teachers and employees have been distributed.  For more details, click here:

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