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IAG’s valuation services provide independent, expert-level business valuations in the areas of financial reporting, litigation support, and tax-related needs.

Litigation Support Valuations

Our litigation support valuation services are designed to provide corporate, family law, bankruptcy and other lawyers and their clients in a variety of situations.  Our professionals have extensive experience completing business valuations in a number of industries and defending our reports in the litigation arena.  We present our valuation conclusions in a simple, understandable format that can be easily understood by the users of our reports.  Our specific services for litigation support valuations include:
  • Business interruption, lost profits and other economic damages
  • Divorce litigation
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency

Financial Reporting Valuations

For financial reporting, we provide an independent, objective analysis to meet the increasing demands of investors and regulatory authorities.  Our specific services for financial reporting valuations include:
  • Purchase Price Allocations (under ASC 805) – Provide a supportable basis for acquired intangible assets, including identifying the related useful lives.
  • Goodwill Impairment Testing (under ASC 350) – Determine whether an impairment of goodwill or other long-lived intangible assets has occurred and, if so, the amount of impairment to apply.
  • Stock Valuations (under ASC 718 or IRC §409A) – Establish a supportable basis of common stock or preferred stock for financial reporting or tax needs; such analyses may be related to establishing stock option exercise prices or derivative securities.
  • Fairness Opinions – Provide an evaluation of the fairness of a proposed transaction to provide decision-making guidance to corporate officers.
  • Intellectual Property – Assess the economic value of patents, trademarks/trade names/copyrights, or other intellectual property for proposed transactions or financial reporting needs.
  • Tailored Business Valuations – Our specialists can assist you with your specific valuation needs whether they are for transaction planning, tax or estate planning, financial reporting, or other strategic purposes.

Tax Related Valuations

Our independent valuation specialists can assist in supporting tax-related positions, an area under increased scrutiny by regulatory authorities.  Some of our services for tax-related valuations include:

  • Estate and Gift Tax Planning
  • Decedent-Related Estate Valuations
  • S Conversion
  • Negotiations/Deal Management
  • Detailed Financial Modeling & Feasibility Analyses
  • Post Transaction Integration & Post Deal Support


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Primary Contacts

Partners & Principals
Dan Branch - CPA/ABV, ASA, MBA
Marty Varon - CPA/CFF, CVA, JD
Laurie Dyke - CPA/CFF, CFE


Elizabeth Karp - CVA, CDFA, JD
Steve Scott - CVA, CDFA, JD
Brandi Steinberg - CPA, CFE
Luke Thomas - CVA, CDFA

IAG Forensics & Valuation is a CPA firm that specializes in forensic accounting, fraud investigation, business valuation and litigation support.

Our clients are primarily litigation attorneys who need litigation support and expert witness services in cases involving complex financial matters.

Our Partners & Principals have served as expert witnesses in hundreds of cases in Georgia State and Superior courts, Federal court and courts in other states.

Our team is comprised of professionals who have the experience and professional judgement to effectively assist in a wide variety of matters for many types of clients. The depth and breadth of our experience and the number of qualified professionals allows us to deliver superior services in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Any matter that involves the investigation, reconstruction and reconciliation of complex financial transactions is a great prospective project for IAG.


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