Asset Tracing In Divorce

Brandi Steinberg with IAG Forensics & Valuation shares information regarding Asset Tracing in Divorce Situations.

Hi everyone my name is Brandi Steinberg with Investigative Accounting Group and I’m here with another episode of the truth behind the numbers.

Today I would like to speak with you about asset tracing as it relates to helping parties determine what is separate and what is marital as it relates to their divorce.

So in the state of Georgia, marriages are considered to last from date of marriage through date of divorce. Any transactions that take place during those dates have a marital component. In many marriages parties come to the marriage with assets already in their names. These could be retirement accounts, investment accounts, or savings accounts. They could also be real estate properties.

During the marriage funds may flow into or out of those accounts and they may also pay down mortgages related to those properties so then when the parties decide to get a divorce they need to understand what parts of these accounts and these assets are separate and are off the table and do not need to be included in any property division discussions and which components of these assets need to be considered for marital purposes and on the table for property division. So we can assist the parties in determining these values.

We’re glad to do source of funds analysis on real estate. We’re also glad to help with any calculations related to retirement investment and savings accounts and we can trace those assets for you to
help you better understand your clients assets.

Thank you again for joining us today. This is Brandi Steinberg with Behind The Numbers


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Brandi Steinberg

Brandi joined IAG in 2016 as a Forensic Accountant in IAG Forensics and Valuation’s forensic accounting and litigation services practice. Brandi has over five years experience comprised of both public and private practice, having spent several years in public accounting and serving as a controller for an automotive group. She possesses extensive experience in financial reporting; auditing of local governments, non-profit entities, and private companies; taxation of individuals and businesses; addressing complex accounting issues; evaluating and designing internal controls; and performing corporate investigations.

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