2016 Financial Topics in Family Law Seminar Recap

If you missed the February 16 seminar, you missed some good stuff!  Presented by the Family Law Section of the Atlanta Bar Association and metro Atlanta forensic accountants and co-chaired by IAG’s own Dan Branch and Ashley Sawyer (Hedgepeth, Heredia & Rieder), the seminar boasted a diverse range of topics.

With an eye toward expanding upon and furthering conversations about complex financial issues, Dan Branch and Adrian Loud (Censeo Advisors) enthusiastically debated several topics moderated by Karine Burney (Kessler & Solomiany).  Right off the bat, the two came to verbal blows debating the appropriate standard of value for divorces – fair market value vs. fair value.  After the supporters of fair market value claimed their victory (by a very non-scientific count of hands from audience members), the two continued to spar over other complex issues including: appreciation in a business (market forces vs. owner’s efforts); consideration of earnouts and/or clawback features; and financial projections of a business (gloomy outlook vs. rosy outlook).

Tish McDonald (King and Spalding) and Mark Williamson (Alston and Bird) discussed the role, impact and financial implications of trusts in divorce cases.   They also covered legal strategies to consider when trusts are part of the marital estate.

Sheri Lake (Smith & Lake) and Beth Garrett (Frazier & Deeter) were put to the test by Justin Hayes (Justin C. Hayes, PC) during session’s mock deposition of a financial expert.  Ms. Lake and Mr. Hayes artfully supplied tips and tricks for attorneys of all skill levels as they sparred through the deposition.

Denise VanLanduyt (VanLanduyt Giles) and Debbie Gibbon (Gibbon Financial Consulting) discussed the impact on financial issues in divorce cases from the recent marriage equality Supreme Court case Obergefell v. Hodges.

In the seminar’s two fast-paced sessions, Mona and Eileen Shuman (Shuman & Shuman) discussed out-of-the-box financial solutions with Marc Effron (White Elm Group) while Linda Schaffer (U-Resolve) followed up with tips for mediating financial aspects in divorce cases.

Jessica Fagan (Hedgepeth, Heredia & Rieder) and Will Davis (Kitchens New Cleghorn) provided updates on recent and relevant family law cases that emphasized financial issues.

The perennial favorite for attendees, the Judges Panel was moderated by Dan Bloom (Richardson, Bloom & Lines) and included the wit and wisdom of the Honorable Jane Barwick (Fulton County), the Honorable J.P. Boulee (DeKalb County), the Honorable Asha Jackson (Dekalb County), and the Honorable Todd Markle (Fulton County).  The judges discussed financial topics ranging from alimony assessment, child support awards, equitable division, and separate property issues.

Hope you can make it to the 2017 seminar!

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  1. Lynda O on May 4, 2016 at 7:48 pm

    So very proud of you Laurie and all you have accomplished with your company! I have never forgotten all you did for me during my divorce settlement and recommend your services to everyone I know.

    Lynda Olsen

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