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Local family law attorney Randy Kessler has just published the third edition of his online magazine “NEXT”, which addresses issues specific to, you guessed it, divorcing couples.  Topics of features in this edition include toxic relationships. successful co-parenting, definitions of marital vs. non-marital equity, clients’ misconceptions regarding their “day in court,” and successfully dealing with the feelings of anger and shame that often haunt people during a divorce.  This issue’s contributing authors include a Marriage and Family Therapist, Professional Matchmaker, Life Coach, licensed Therapist and Addiction Counselor, as well as current and former litigators and mediators.   NEXT’s contributors seem to […]

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Laurie Speaking at Upcoming Child Support Conference

Laurie was asked to speak for The Georgia Commission on Child Support at its first ever Child Support Conference. The conference will be a two day event starting on November 5th at the Atlanta Marriott Evergreen Conference Resort at Stone Mountain. Laurie will be presenting the self-employment session during the close of the first day. For all the information and registration details please visit the Georgia Child Support Commission website: http://csc.georgiacourts.gov/

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Avoiding Tax Traps in High-Asset Cases

David Sarif, of Atlanta based law firm Naggiar & Sarif, and Laurie Dyke joined forced to write an article for the newest issue of Family Lawyer Magazine. In their article they detail how to dodge the costly tax traps by bringing light to four easily overlooked issue attorneys may face while dealing with high-asset cases. Click here, and scroll to page 20, to read the complete article.


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MarketWatch.com talks Divorce and Stock

Andy Flink, Atlanta mediator, recently sent us an article from MarketWatch.com about the ins and outs of what happens to your employer stock options once your divorce is final. Click here to check out this great article.

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