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Cobb County Elder Abuse Case Still Making Headlines

Even though two years have passed since Jeff and Joseph Carr were convicted of stealing millions of dollars from elderly Cobb County woman, Frances Perkins, their case is still being mentioned in the local newspaper. On February 25th, the AJC published an article describing this case and explaining why so many lawmakers are advocating for new ways to help protect seniors from this type of financial exploitation and abuse. IAG is grateful to have been a part of something that will, hopefully, generate laws to protect people, like Ms. Perkins, from having to experience such ruthless criminal acts. Read all the details here.

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Carrs’ Sentenced to Prison Time

On March 10th, 2015 Judge Leonard, Cobb County Superior Court Judge,  sentenced both father and son to prison time after being convicted of charges associated with an elderly widow. Click here to see what Cobb County District Attorney, Vic Reynolds, has to say.

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