Litigation Support - Expert Witness

  • Financial discovery
  • Interviews
  • Draft direct and cross examination questions
  • Witness preparation
  • Expert Reports
  • Demonstrative Exhibits
  • Rebuttal of opposing experts’ opinions
  • Testimony at deposition, arbitration, bench and jury trial

Litigation Support/Expert Witness

In litigation matters, we are usually initially hired by attorneys as consulting experts and our work is considered to be attorney work product, protected by attorney-client privilege. As consulting experts, we often assist with financial discovery, witness interviews and preparation, and drafting of direct and cross examination questions, in addition to our own financial analysis. We also attend depositions of parties, witnesses and opposing experts, actively participate in settlement discussions and mediation, when needed.

In reality, most litigation cases settle out of court and we take pride in helping out clients achieve resolution without the risk and cost of trial. But, there are times when that is not possible and, at those times, we are ready!

Our professionals are more than just accountants. They have the skills and experience to translate out analysis of voluminous and often complicated financial data into language that can be readily understood by non-financial people including attorneys, parties, judges and juries. Our partners have testified hundreds of times as experts in forensic accounting, fraud examination, business valuation, and professional accounting malpractice cases, in Federal courts, Georgia State and Superior courts, and other state courts.

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