Divorce Financial Analyst Atlanta

  • Asset tracing/hidden assets
  • Calculate separate and marital interests (Thomas Calculations)
  • Marital balance sheet
  • Child support
  • Settlement analysis
  • Budgeting/DRFA
  • Business valuation analysis

Divorce, Estate and Trust

Litigation between spouses, siblings, parents, children and other family members is very personal and usually very painful. Nothing is “just business.” One of the reasons that we have developed a specialty in this kind of case is that we truly care about the clients we serve. We recognize that they are involved in one of the most expensive and difficult situations in their lives, both from a financial and emotional perspective. We understand and appreciate the “crazy” that often accompanies this type of litigation and try to reduce our clients’ stress by being accessible virtually 24 hours/day, providing care and compassionate service in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

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