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Factors That Affect Equitable Distribution of Business Interests

Halpern Case Revisited

By: Maty Varon

One of the landmark cases in Georgia Family Law is Halpern v. Halpern, 352 SE 2nd, 753.  The case analyzes if the increase in value in an entity was caused by market forces (passive) or marital efforts (active participation).  The answer to this question dictates the extent to which the non-owner spouse is entitled to an equitable distribution.  There are important factors beyond Halpern that need to be considered and analyzed by the financial expert which will assist legal counsel in making their argument.

Let’s assume husband started a business prior to the marriage, or acquired the […]

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Cobb County Elder Abuse Case Still Making Headlines

Even though two years have passed since Jeff and Joseph Carr were convicted of stealing millions of dollars from elderly Cobb County woman, Frances Perkins, their case is still being mentioned in the local newspaper. On February 25th, the AJC published an article describing this case and explaining why so many lawmakers are advocating for new ways to help protect seniors from this type of financial exploitation and abuse. IAG is grateful to have been a part of something that will, hopefully, generate laws to protect people, like Ms. Perkins, from having to experience such ruthless criminal acts. Read all the details here.

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Erica Sandberg Discusses Compulsive Spending By A Spouse

Erica Sandberg, a personal finance author, answers a question about compulsive spousal spending and how to deal with it. In her article she details different steps one might want to take if you find yourself in that situation and even gets input from Atlanta divorce attorney, and friend, Randy Kessler. Click here to see what she has to say!

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Making the Most of Mediation

Use mediation to move your case forward, even if there is no hope for settlement.  IAG Associate, Steve Scott, shows you how in this article which appeared in the October edition of the Cobb Family Law Quarterly.

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Lost Profits – Part 3: Identification of Saved/Avoided Costs



This is the final post in a three-part series discussing the calculation of lost profits in a hypothetical scenario seeking economic damages for the alleged violation of a non-competition covenant.  As noted in the prior posts, the three part series will utilize the following fact pattern.


The Best Animal Hospital, Inc. is a veterinary clinic located in Atlanta, Georgia.  The company was established on January 1, 2000 by Bob and Jill
Bob and Jill each own 100 shares of The Best Animal Hospital, Inc.’s stock representing 100% of the outstanding shares of the company
Bob and Jill signed a Shareholder […]

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How Georgia Citizens Are Affected By Same-Sex Ruling

The attorneys at Stearns-Montgomery & Proctor, in Marietta, weigh in on the affects of the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage ruling.  Click here to see how Georgia citizens will be impacted by this ruling.

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Andy Flink, Atlanta mediator, recently sent us an article from about the ins and outs of what happens to your employer stock options once your divorce is final. Click here to check out this great article.

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The Verdict Is In: State v. Jeff and Joseph Carr

A Cobb County jury has convicted Jeffrey Carr and his father Joseph Carr, both from Gainesville, GA, of taking millions of dollars from an elderly Cobb County widow in violation of Georgia’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization (RICO) Act.

In a unique engagement between IAG Forensics and the Cobb County District Attorney’s office, Laurie Dyke and IAG staff members were assisted by CCDA interns from Southern Polytechnic University to provide the forensic accounting analysis that proved essential to the prosecution’s case.   At trial, Laurie Dyke served as a financial expert witness, and on March 3, 2015, the jury returned guilty verdicts […]

Buckhead man returning to prison after admitting guilt in $1 million state tax fraud scheme

Cobb District Attorney Vic Reynolds announces that a Buckhead man has pleaded guilty in a major tax fraud scheme.

Shannon Jay Bradley, 35, pleaded guilty today to 45 charges, including racketeering, money laundering, identity fraud, and burglary. Investigators found that in December 2012, five tax-preparation offices in Cobb County were burglarized, with Mr. Bradley quickly coming into possession of the computer servers that were stolen. Identifying information of more than 1,859 people contained on those servers were used to file fraudulent Georgia and federal tax returns in 2013, netting more than $1 million in state tax refunds.

After Mr. Bradley admitted his […]

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Hardman v. Hardman

The Georgia Supreme Court has held recently that the Fulton County Superior Court erred in applying the doctrine of res judicata “mechanically” in a divorce case, particularly involving child support issues, and ruled in favor of a father who elected to send the couple’s children to private school at his ex-wife’s expense.

When William and May Ann Hardman divorced in 2013, they had three children, one of whom was attending college and the other two were minor twin boys.  The settlement agreement, which was incorporated into the final divorce decree, gave the parties joint legal custody, and Mother primary physical custody.  […]

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