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IAG Forensics & Valuation Recognized by Daily Report Readers


The Attorneys have voted! We are pleased to announce that we were voted “Best Of 2017” in two categories by readers of the Daily Report. IAG Forensics & Valuation finished in the “Top 3” as Forensic Experts and Forensic Accounting Firms.

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Laurie Dyke Interviewed By Richard Belcher

Laurie Dyke was interviewed by Richard Belcher of WSB Channel 2 concerning the recent Dekalb County Audit Report. The interview was aired March 24th, 2017 at 6PM. Visit our YouTube page to see the video.


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A Successful Day of Learning in Cobb!

Sean Ditzel, President of the Family Law Section of the Cobb County Bar Association, recently hosted an almost standing room only all-day CLE event. The large crowd heard from many attorneys and experts in the family law field.  Included in the experts, IAG’s own Dan Branch provided hot tips for countering potential strategic arguments that an opposing counsel could make when looking at minority interests in privately held businesses.  Who knew that pending changes to the Internal Revenue Code (specifically IRC Section 2704) could be so exciting and potentially impact minority interests in the family law arena?   For more information […]

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IAG’s Team Concept Brings Value To Every Case

Our goal is to add VALUE to every case. What that means to us is that we must bring talents and skills that others involved in the case do not have, use those talents and skills to move the case forward, and work efficiently and cost-effectively.  We have assembled a team of folks at IAG with that goal in mind, true professionals who always put the client first.

We recognize that every time an attorney brings us onto his or her team, they are putting their professional reputation and relationship with their client on the line and we take that very […]

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Lost Profits – Part 3: Identification of Saved/Avoided Costs



This is the final post in a three-part series discussing the calculation of lost profits in a hypothetical scenario seeking economic damages for the alleged violation of a non-competition covenant.  As noted in the prior posts, the three part series will utilize the following fact pattern.


The Best Animal Hospital, Inc. is a veterinary clinic located in Atlanta, Georgia.  The company was established on January 1, 2000 by Bob and Jill
Bob and Jill each own 100 shares of The Best Animal Hospital, Inc.’s stock representing 100% of the outstanding shares of the company
Bob and Jill signed a Shareholder […]

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Marty Varon Receives Award From Kennesaw State University

We are very proud to announce that our partner, Marty Varon, was awarded the “2016 Outstanding Part-Time Teaching Award” by Coles College of Business at Kennesaw State University. Each year students vote to determine who will be the recipient of this award. In selecting Marty, the students noted his laid back teaching style, care and concern for his students, and ability to explain the accounting material and concepts clearly.

When asked to what he attributed this award, in his modest manner, Marty commented: “I received numerous evaluations from students stating I explained accounting material and concepts clearly (in English). I attribute this to […]

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IAG By The Numbers

IAG Forensics & Valuation has the experience to serve you, is small enough to care about you, and strives to ADD VALUE to every project.

20,000+  Client Service Hours per year

220+ Combined Years Professional Accounting and Forensic Accounting Experience

100% Forensic Accounting, Business Valuation, & Fraud Investigation

Less than $150/hr Average Blended Billing Rate

150+ Cases Testified at Deposition and Trial

20 Employees, including 4 Client Service Partners

8 Certified Public Accountants (CPA)

7  Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE)

5 Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF)

4 Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA)

4 Professional Administrative Staff

4  Certified Business Valuation Specialists (ASA, ABV, CVA) and 2 more who are expected to become certified in 2017

3  Lawyers (non-practicing)

2  Certified Global Management Accountants (CGMA)


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Karen & Laurie to Speak on Fraud

On December 2, 2016, Laurie and Karen will present “If I Had Only Known Then… – A Study of Fraud Schemes, Missing Internal Controls and Resulting Investigations” at the University of Georgia Small Business Development Center at Kennesaw State University’s CPE for CPAs.  Please click here if you are interested in attending this session or others.

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2016 Financial Topics in Family Law Seminar Recap

If you missed the February 16 seminar, you missed some good stuff!  Presented by the Family Law Section of the Atlanta Bar Association and metro Atlanta forensic accountants and co-chaired by IAG’s own Dan Branch and Ashley Sawyer (Hedgepeth, Heredia & Rieder), the seminar boasted a diverse range of topics.

With an eye toward expanding upon and furthering conversations about complex financial issues, Dan Branch and Adrian Loud (Censeo Advisors) enthusiastically debated several topics moderated by Karine Burney (Kessler & Solomiany).  Right off the bat, the two came to verbal blows debating the appropriate standard of value for divorces – fair […]

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NEXT Magazine

Local family law attorney Randy Kessler has just published the third edition of his online magazine “NEXT”, which addresses issues specific to, you guessed it, divorcing couples.  Topics of features in this edition include toxic relationships. successful co-parenting, definitions of marital vs. non-marital equity, clients’ misconceptions regarding their “day in court,” and successfully dealing with the feelings of anger and shame that often haunt people during a divorce.  This issue’s contributing authors include a Marriage and Family Therapist, Professional Matchmaker, Life Coach, licensed Therapist and Addiction Counselor, as well as current and former litigators and mediators.   NEXT’s contributors seem to […]

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